What is this blog?

This blog is provided by Digital Studio Col., Ltd which offers affiliate services.

Have you ever experienced this feeling before?

When you write a blog….
It is very hard to monetize as an affiliate.
I don’t know what to write or what to introduce.

Sometimes it is hard to find ideas when writing a blog. For example, if I want to introduce a product review article, what features should I write about to get the message across to readers, etc.

Even if you have an idea or a message you want to convey in your mind, it takes a little bit of technique to translate it into words.

This is especially important when writing product reviews.
Because many bloggers tend to focus on product functions.
However, people will not buy the best product, they will buy the easiest to understand product.

This blog provides the easiest way to explain about Japanese items

People prefer products that are easiest to understand. It is, in other words, the story of the product.

In other words, we provide you with ideas and a story to write about in your blog.

People don’t pay attention to ads; they prefer stories.

You get the idea now. The purpose of this blog is to tell the story of the products we sell in the simplest words for our affiliate members.

This blog post to your blog post.

You can customize this blog post and publish it in your own blog post. (limited to affiliate members)

For example, you can use our article for your newsletter or SNS lead posts.

We post one to two new articles every week.
We will focus on products that are most popular and loved by consumers in Japan right now. We are sure that our articles will be popular in your country as well.

It is not easy to convey information easily and simply.

There is only one principle to the telling of the story. Stories are more important than features and functions.

Are you ready?

If you are not already an affiliate member, sign up now.

Take advantage of our introduced articles and collaborate with your original ideas for a fulfilling online marketing experience!


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