Are you annoyed by how quickly your hair grows after hair removal?

Having less body hair is not a bad thing, but for those looking for the easiest and most convenient way to get rid of body hair at home, there are several options. It may be as simple as shaving your armpits and legs in the shower, but depending on how fast your hair grows, it can quickly revert back. Waxing or sugaring is the choice for smoother results, but the actual process can be difficult to do alone. As a result, many people are increasingly favoring the best home laser hair removal device as a more professional alternative.

This time, we’d like to introduce the YA-MAN Lei Beaute R Flash Hyper Pro Men’s Women’s Ice Blue YJEA1L, which supplies high-speed hair removal treatment and equipped with a beautiful designed LED head that immediately creates silky smooth skin.

Why is it so good?

The “Roller Continuous Flash Function” emits high-speed light at intervals of 0.2 seconds.

The development of YA-MAN’s original ‘Roller Continuous Flash Function’ provides ‘high-speed continuous flashing’*, an important technology used at professional spas and beauty salons.

*The ‘Roller Continuous Flash Function’ emits light at rapid intervals of 0.2 seconds.

Double lamps that have evolved into high-powered lamps

The device is equipped with two xenon lamps, which are also used at Professional Salons, making powerful hair-removal care possible.
Power is approximately 84% greater than that of conventional products*

*In a comparison with STA-197P

The wide design combined with the high-speed roller heads creates a quick treatment for hair removal

The wide 9.24㎠ treatment window “allows a greater area to be treated with each flash”.
The ‘Roller Continuous Flash Function also automatically measures moving distance while the device is rolling over the skin. The device enables full-body*1, *2 treatment at distinguished high speed while preventing flash leakages and over-treatment.

*1: Results differ from person to person. (Treatment areas: both armpits, both legs, both arms, fingers and toes, below the navel/when each mode is carried out on Level 1)
*2: Avoid using the device directly over the heart area.

Together offering hair removal and skincare

LED is one of the popular care in beauty salons.
YA-MAN, which has developed many light beauty facial beauty devices, has created a light beauty device that cares for unwanted hair.
It is recommended to use the red LED in photo mode as an aftercare while applying the flash to the blue LED.

The wavelength range that produces skin beautifying effects

This original design includes a wavelength range that produces skin beautifying effects.
Simultaneously offers hair removal and skin care treatments.
This wavelength range is tailored to the skin complexions of Japanese people, enabling users to carry out treatment with peace of mind.

Selects the best wave level automatically*

It is equipped with a sensor which detects skin tones.
You can manually adjust levels when you feel the automatically selected level is too strong or when you are treating sensitive areas.

* A(Auto-mode)=If auto-mode is selected, the skin tone sensor will detect the color of your skin to automatically adjust the device to the most appropriate level for your skin.

2 way grip
Comes with a small size head to treat narrow areas like above the upper lip, chin, and even fingers.
You can easily treat narrow spots such as fingers and facial areas.

Give it a try!

You can use it on your face, beard, and whole body and share it, so you can take care of unwanted hair at your favorite timing at home.
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