Are you looking for the best trimmer for tidying your body hair?

As spring begins, men often want to shed their winter manes and get groomed. Your first impulse may be to grab the trimmers you already have for your beard. Before you go ahead, however, keep the following in mind: Trimmers for your beard and clippers for the body hair is not recommended to be used interchangeably.

The best body hair trimmers can be the answer to your grooming dreams, and we aren’t even trying to be dramatic. If the hair around your body – it’s OK, we’re all friends here – is getting a bit too out of control, then there’s absolutely nothing wrong with tidying up, getting into a bit of self-care and making yourself feel good. 

This time, we’d like to introduce the Panasonic Mens’s Grooming Body Trimmer Silver Tone ER-GK81-S Overseas Correspondence, which may be the perfect one for those who want to trim unwanted hair all over their body!

Why is it so good?

Can be used for the whole body as well as VIO
It can be used not only on arms and legs, but also on delicate areas such as the VIO zone.

Rounded blade tip for a gentle shave

The “wide & round blade” is adopted, which has no sharp edges at the tip of the blade. The blades do not cut into the skin, allowing for a gentle shave.

Round shape: Rounded, broad cutting edge
Normal cutting edge shape: Pointed cutting edge with wide spacing between blades

From hair removal to length adjustment in a single unit

Straight blade + 2 types of attachments for length adjustment from approx. 0.1mm to 12mm.

V-shaped head” makes it easy to shave even delicate areas

The “V-shaped head” makes it easy to reach the O-zone. Body trimmers make it easy to clean even the smallest of areas that are difficult to reach with a blade.

Can be held in different ways to suit different parts of the body

The “I-shape” design allows you to change the way you hold it to suit each area.
The “I-shape” design allows for gentle shaving of the entire body, including the VIO zone.

Waterproof design & water-through washing for easy cleanup

The entire body can be washed in water, making it easy to dispose of hair scraps. Can also be used in the bath.

Hair scraps can be rinsed away without removing the blade.

Rapid 1-hour charging
Charging is completed in about 1 hour with the AC adapter. 50 minutes of use is possible on a single charge. (Continuous use time)

Charging indication and completion lamp
Notification is given by lamp indication on the main unit.

Can be used overseas, auto-voltage
With automatic voltage switching from 100V to 240V AC, it can be used both in Japan and overseas.
*For overseas use, please purchase a plug adapter separately according to the country or region.

Bathroom shaving
Use body soap or similar products to gently clean the skin while reducing frictional resistance.

Skin guard attachment (2 mm), dial length alignment attachment (3-12 mm), AC adapter, pouch, cleaning brush, special oil

Trim and shave your body hair with confidence!

Manscaping isn’t something to be dismissed, and taking pride in your body and cleaning up any unsightly hair can do wonders for body confidence and generally be more hygienic.

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