Frustrated With Your Disposable Bamboo Chopsticks That Break, Splinter or Twist?

No matter how good the food, cheap chopsticks will turn any meal into a nightmare. If you don’t believe us, ask anyone who has ever used them! If you’ve considered giving up trying to use chopsticks because these issues are just too irritating, then we have an alternative for you!

Today, we’d like to introduce you Adelia Tsugaru Biidoro Wakasa-nuri Couple ChopsticksTuck into your favorite Japanese dish without any trouble at all.

Tsugaru Vidro x Wakasa Nuri collaboration

This collaboration brings together two crafts with a long history in Japan to create a contemporary piece that is both beautiful and practical, perfectly reflecting the natural beauty of each region’s unique culture. There aren’t many items that can be purchased as a set of crafts from different production areas, so this set is recommended for those who want to choose high-quality chopsticks and chopstick rests that can be used for a long time.

Wakasa-nuri couple chopsticks

A simple but stylish chopsticks set that adds a Japanese atmosphere to any table setting, the Wakasanuri couple chopsticks are made from high-quality lacquer and can be used by people of all ages. The green and red coloring brings out a deep color in addition to having a beautiful luster and elegant feel that is unique to lacquer. With a subtle silver line in the center of each pair, these are perfect for any occasion.

These chopsticks are square, but have rounded corners. Therefore, when you hold it, you can get a sense of familiarity with your hand. The tips of the chopsticks are just the right amount of thinness, so you can firmly grasp even small objects, making them very easy to use.

Brighten up your dining table with this pair set of Tsugaru Vidro chopstick rest 

Chopstick rests are an often-forgotten but essential piece of the dining experience.  The chopstick rest is handmade by craftsmen of “Tsugaru Vidro”, which is a glassware craftwork from Aomori Prefecture. These chopstick rests will enhance your tabletop presentation, keep your chopsticks clean and prevent them from rolling away. The beautiful transparency of the glass and the high-quality luster of the lacquer coating make the dining table extraordinarily gorgeous.

Expresses the momentary beauty and delicacy of fireworks
From the Matsuri series that reflects the lively and dynamic Japanese festival of Tsugaru Vidro

Tsugaru Vidro is born within the red, blazing, 1500ºC heat of the furnace

The artisans complete each piece with a smoothness that can only be achieved using a blowing iron with refined skill and ability. With emphasis on the Japanese seasons, Tsugaru Vidro captures infinite expressions like the changing scenery through its color combinations.

Perfect as a wedding gift or a new home gift!

Chopsticks and chopstick rests are delivered in a special wooden box. The lid of the wooden box is gilded with The perfect wedding gift or new home gift! Perfect for couples, this set of two pairs of wooden chopsticks and two chopstick rests is a tasteful choice. The lid of the wooden box is gilded with the Tsugaru Vidro logo, giving it a luxurious feel. In addition, it’s a sturdy outer box suitable for the quality of chopsticks and chopstick rests.

Create a delightful and memorable meal with Adelia Tsugaru Biidoro Wakasa-nuri Couple Chopsticks. 

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