Have You Heard About the Ultimate Must-Have for Skateboarding Enthusiasts?

Hey, skater crew! If you’re a dedicated skateboarder, you already know skateboarding is more than just a sport – it’s a lifestyle. It’s the beat of the pavement under your board, the rush of nailing that perfect trick, and the sense of freedom you get from cruising the streets or the skatepark.

But guess what? There’s a hot new addition to the skateboarding world that’s making waves. If you haven’t heard about it yet, it’s time to catch up. We’re talking about the ultimate must-have for skateboard enthusiasts – a watch that not only keeps you on time but also showcases your love for skateboarding with style.

Triple Collaboration G-SHOCK x Kelvin Hoefler x Powell Peralta

Get ready for the ultimate skateboarding timepiece, where the worlds of skateboarding finesse, G-SHOCK toughness, and Powell Peralta’s legendary design converge in one epic creation—the CASIO G-SHOCK DW-5600KH-1JR

Shock Resistant Construction & Water Resistant to 20 ATM  

The DW-5600KH-1JR boasts a shock-resistant build that fearlessly withstands impacts and vibrations. Whether navigating urban terrain or exploring the wild, this watch remains undeterred, guaranteeing an uninterrupted journey.

Featuring an impressive 20 ATM water resistance (200 meters), the G-SHOCK becomes your unwavering partner in aquatic pursuits. Dive into depths, confront waves, or embrace rain – the DW-5600KH-1JR matches your aquatic ambitions stride for stride.

Street-Ready Design

The iconic DW-5600 model gets a street-inspired transformation that reflects the essence of skating culture. With a sleek black exterior and a signature Hoefler graphic embossed on the band, this watch is as stylish as your slickest tricks.

Ready to upgrade your skate gear with this ultimate collaboration?

Click below to place an order while your mind is on it. It is easy to order. Remaining inventory is still available.

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