Still Eating Cold Meals for Lunch?

Are you constantly faced with the dilemma of either skipping lunch or settling for cold, uninspiring meals? It’s time to break that cycle and enjoy a hot, satisfying lunch no matter where you are. Our Zojirushi Heat-Retaining Stainless Steel Lunch Box SL-GH18-BA is here to transform your lunchtime experience.


With its exceptional heat-retaining properties, this lunch box keeps your food piping hot for hours. No more compromises on taste or nutrition

Microwave safe bowls

Each of the three bowls are microwave safe. Fill your bowls with leftovers and then use the office microwave to bring to temperature. Food does not already have to be warm to be packed inside the Zojirushi stackable lunch box.

Keep your food fresh and hot on the go with Zojirushi Black SL-GH18-BA

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