The Ultimate Iron Frying Pan from Japan – River Light Frying Pans

‘Cheap & Convenient’ is Best?

We live in a consumer society where ‘new, cheap and convenient’ is splashed across product packaging, and considered a ‘good buy’.

But is it really?

For the past couple of decades ‘coated frying pans’ have become a staple in many households. I must admit I have owned a few too.

But the downside is that even the pans with big names tend to wear off in as little as 6 months, resulting in us having to buy a new one every few years. (Not very eco-friendly…!)

Back to Basics – Iron Frying Pans 🍳

The Japanese frying pan manufacturer, River Light, is committed in doing it the ‘old fashioned’ way. Their pans are made of iron, which when given the proper maintenance, can be used for decades or even a whole century!

Some may consider iron pans to be for the ‘professional folk’ only, but River Light frying pans are suitable for any household.

Non-stick & Durable

River Light pans are made with a special process (nitridization treatment & oxidation treatment) that make the pans less prone to rust.

This is what makes them non-stick* and durable. (*When coated with oil, the pan will gradually become more and more ‘non-stick’)

Additionally, they heat quicker than other coated frying pans, allowing you to cook your food quicker too.

So next time you shop for frying pans, why not consider these amazing pans for a more enjoyable cooking experience!

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