Top 5 Must-Have Tamagotchi

Tamagotchi たまごっち translates to Egg Watch in English and was the first product to start the handheld digital pet craze in the mid to late 90s. It became so popular due to its novelty as the first digital pet designed for kids and the sincere attachment they formed with their virtual pets.

This time, we’d like to introduce to you the Top 5 Must-Have Tamagotchi you may want to own as collection!

What Is a Tamagotchi?

First created by Bandai back in 1996, the Tamagotchi—a combination of the Japanese words tamago (たまご), which means “egg”, and uotchi (ウオッチ), “watch”—became an international sensation shortly after its release. Essentially, its a handheld virtual pet game where users raise these alien pets from their egg form into adults. Basically, it’s like taking care of an actual pet. The more you attend to it, the smarter and cuter your pet will evolve into once it grows up.

Tamagotchis became a necessity for any kid coming into the new millennium. Coupled with their handy size and keychain feature, every kid had it hanging from their bags or their pocket loops. Furthermore, they came in a huge variety of colors, giving more personality to its user.

Why is It So Popular?

In more recent years, along with the recent revival of Y2K trends, Tamagotchis have started popping up on social media once again. Bandai has consistently created culturally relevant Tamagotchi collaborations over the past few years, such as their 25th anniversary Tamagotchi with legendary anime series One Piece, as well as one that was made with K-POP sensation BTS, featuring the seven members as the main characters within its mini black and white screen.


Tamagotchi with the TV Anime “SPY X FAMILY” is now available in the nano series!

Take care of cute Anya! There are 14 different styles that can be seen depending on how you take care of them!

By playing mini games, you can meet Anya in various costumes and facial expressions which appear in the anime, all reproduced with cute dot pictures of Tamagotchi!

Commission : 199 Yen (5%)
Price : 3,987 Yen (Price may be changed according to the market conditions or other circumstances.)
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2. Tamagotchi Smart NiziU Special Set (purchase bonus limited original clear file)

Tamagotchi Smart is a super luxurious special set that collaborates with NiziU.
Includes Tamagotchi Smart in limited colors, Tamagotchi Smart unit, Tamagotchi card and 10 original photo cards that you can play with original NiziU’s characters and items.
When inserted into Tamagotchi Unit, the Tamagotchi Card “Tamagotchi NiziU’s original character NiziU’s NiziU’s original character in addition to the 10 characters built into Tamagotchi body.
The main body is a special NiziU-like color. Wearable type, so you can put it together anytime, anywhere.

Commission : 325 Yen (5%)
Price : 6,501 Yen (Price may be changed according to the market conditions or other circumstances.)
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3. BANDAI Tamagochi Meets Sanrio Characters DX Set

From Tamagotchi, the Tamagotchi Sanrio Characters DX Set comes with an original strap.

Tamagotchi Mitsu Sanrio Characters Zumitsu Ver. is now available in a DX set with a strap in limited body color.

Straps are limited to this set. The contents of the Tamagotchi Mitsu Sanrio Character Zumitsu Ver.) are the same.

You can enjoy the world of Sanrio characters. Limited edition characters include 11 characters from Hello Kitty, Pudding, My Melody, Cinnamon, Gudetama, Kiki, Lara, Kuromei, Kuropi, Tuxedo Sam, and Battsmar.

Commission : 2,497 Yen (5%)
Price : 49,949 Yen (Price may be changed according to the market conditions or other circumstances.)
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4. BT21 Tamagotchi Space Color ver.

The globally popular BT21 characters from LINE FRIENDS are now available in Tamagotchi! Depending on how you spend time with VAN, the space robot will determine which BT21 Baby will be delivered to you. VAN may choose to give you the Baby version of KOYA, RJ, SHOOKY, MANG, CHIMMY, TATA, or COOKY! Take care of your BT21 Baby every day to keep them happy and help them grow. Feed your BT21 character milk or burgers when they are hungry, or when grumpy, feed them candy or donuts. Help your BT21 character play 4 mini-games: dancing, making sweets, space traveling, and picture taking. If you neglect your BT21, they will become sad, but if you take good care of them, they may be able to stand on the stage!

Commission : 304 Yen (5%)
Price : 6,090Yen (Price may be changed according to the market conditions or other circumstances.)
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5. Tamagotchi Smart One Piece Special Set (Target Age: 6+)

You can fully enjoy the world view of “One Piece”, which will celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Weekly Shonen Jump series in July 2022! It is a luxurious special set of Tamagotchi Smart.
It comes with a limited-edition Tamagotchi Smart body, Tama Smacard One Piece Friends, and an original strap with a limited-edition design.
By inserting the memory of “Tamagotchi Smart One Piece Friends” into “Tamagotchi Smart”, you can download training characters collaborated with ONE PIECE characters, various items and mini games that can change the style of Tamagotchi Smart.

Commission : 226 Yen (5%)
Price : 4,523Yen (Price may be changed according to the market conditions or other circumstances.)
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